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Newnham(lammus land)


Little girl is going to be wearing a pretty dress

a swing


Main character - little girl

A family


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This is our animatic with an unfinished soundtrack.
The animatic has some effects which will be shown in the opening sequence aswell.

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Points to consider:
- Must convey thriller conventions, these are:

* A crime at the core of the narrative
*False paths, clues and resoulutions
* A narrative pattern that the viewer expects to be resolved
* A protaganist who is dis-empowered and drawn into a complex web of intrgue by the antagonist
* Extraordinary events happening in ordinary situations
* Themes of voyeurism, Identity and mirroring
* a Protaganist with a flaw
* A scene (usually at the end) where the protagonist is in peril
* Mis En Scene which echoes/ mirrors the antagonists plight.

It must use micro elements to back up the above points.

The sequence must not give away too much, and be left at a cliffhanging point where the viewer is in question.

Before the group came to a final descision of the final storyboard we came up with a few ideas by ourselves. We all come up with out own individual thriller ideas and spoke and discussed them with each other. we wernt going to say which one was the best/worst but we wanted to give good points as well as room for improvement on each others ideas. We decided to take some of the good points out of each others ideas and try and mould them into one which would be the final sequence.

The setting is in a park. There is a character who is swinging on the swing. the shot is a long shot and the character appears to be being watched through the bushes. the character is unaware of this. The person on the swing is singing, but we can also hear some heavy breathing coming from this unknown character. The camera is very shaky because the unknown character is moving getting all views and angles from the person on the swing. Suddenly, the camera begins to move faster towards the other person. The camera is coming from behind and a harsh sound is played as it is moving faster. The person on the swing turns around and gasps. The camera goes black and all we see is a dark screen. A loud bang is played and we go back to the place in the bushes from where the unknown character was before. The camera zooms in to the main scene but there is no person there, just a swinging swing. A man comes along and picks up a watch which was laying on the floor under the swing. We don't know who he is. is he something to do with this missing person? By Jodie

For my first initial ideas for my story board I had based my ideas on `panic room’. The ideas I got from this helped me make my story board. In my first shot in my story board, we are based in the busy city of Cambridge taking a bird’s eye view of the land marks in Cambridge. To create a feeling that something is going to happen but you don’t know what. Then for my next’s shot we take a closer shot down into the city moving the camera around the traffic to show a busy city centre after we close in to the next shot we take the camera slowly down to the busy crowded center in the middle of the high street. As the camera moves in slowly we make the crows of people around, go faster and faster moving in and out of shops and people talking and chatting to one another, then the camera start the focus on one individual that looks out of place in the high street. The camera zooms in quickly and then everything goes silent and everyone around going slowly and the person standing there, start to panic, by using the camera to close in on the body language of the person. Then as the person starts to really panic the camera starts to move away faster and faster and the person starts to fades back into the crow, like the flim it rewinding and all you have left of the last shot is the same shot and the begin when the sun starts to come out at the start of the day. By Charlotte

My initial idea was based on a person that dissapears it is called "Erased"
Shot one is a view of a computer, there is lots of writing on the computer, and it is slowly getting erased.
Shot two the camera zooms into the computer screen , and it focuses on someones name getting erased slowly.
Shot three is a person walking down a corridor backwards, and they slowly dissapear.
Shot four the person is waiting at the bus stop and they are on there own, and the bus drives past really quickly and the person has gone.
Shot five someone is crossing out specific words in a book, like names adresses, personal information.
Shot six, some food is let to slowly to rot but it shows the stages of the roting food, to show that the person has been mising for ages.
Shot seven they are at a park and there is a swing and there is a person just swinging on it and then the person dissapears so the swing is still swinging on its own.
Shot eight there is a rocking horse at the playground just moving on its own.
Shot nine there is a roundabout at the park just turning round slowly on its own.
Shot ten there is a helathy bunch of flowers and they slowly rot like the food, to show that there has been alot of time that has passed.
Shot eleven there is a photo of a happy family, and the it zooms into one person and that person slowly fades, leaving one less member of the family.
Shot thirteen the persons post is all on the floor piled up over loads of months.
Shot fourteen the camera zooms into the letterbox, and goes through the letterbox.
Shot fifteen the camera has gone through the letterbox to reveal the title "Erased" By Fern
*We really liked this idea and after discussing everything we decided to develop the ideas and use for our final cut*

Focuses on random objects, in a murderers house and tells the viewer of his psychological state of mind, and shows personal things close to him. The music builds up instant tension, and links with the fact that something isn't right in the house. We do not meet the murderer in the opening scene, but in a few shots we see his shadow and in one shot a slow movement of his hand reaching for a camera. Fast shots, the shots get faster and hit a climax, where a key object is portrayed, with the murderers shadow hovering over it. Throughout the opening scene, random words appear on the screen, which also relate to the murders, and will engage the audience with curiosity. By Laura

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This is the opening sequence for the 2002 film 'Panic Room'

The sequence holds a lot of significance. It is shot from an aerial view showing the tall buildings of New York. We get a feel of how big it is and creates quite an atmosphere. The words of main film stars and directors are suspended in mid air floating across the buildings. This could give a sense of isolation and lonliness, which is later shown in the film when the mother and her diabetic daughter are trapped inside their home unable to get out. They have no-one to help them at all. The sound used for this opening sequence is very slow and gradually gets louder and then quieter and so on. It is quite a deep sound.

The font of the credit titles contrasts with the main object in the film - the actually film it is made out of hard steel and this is what the writing looks like.


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Panic room is about a mother and daughter who have just moved into a big new house that has a security panic room which noone else can get into when the doors are closed. They hide in it when three armed robbers break into their house. What they don't know is that what the robbers want is thousands of pounds held in the room they are hiding in.

This sequence uses lots of jerky camera movements to portray the action happening within the film. the film trailer is very busy and gets faster towards the end. the scene cuts every two seconds.A lot of it is just scenes that have been cut. some scenes contain no sound, this means it is diegetic. The non diegetic sound shows tension that the characters are feeling. they are helpless and this is shown through the determenation of the robbers, they wont leave until they get the thousands of pounds that are inside the panic room.

The trailer uses a voice over that helps connect the viewer to the basics of the story line. This is non diegetic sound. This is when words are not being heard by the characters. They can't hear whats being said. This is helping the viewer to engage in the film without giving it all away. The trailer uses some of the best parts in the film to make the viewer want to see more.

Cinematography - The camera scans the panic room quite close up just to show the viewer how safe it is. It is something different and shown as something very significant.

The mis en scene of the film is a typical, modern big New york house.

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This video is hard to understand, it doesn't portray conventions of a thriller. the filming and editing are very good however it is difficult to follow. The sequence shows a young boy on his bus journey. He is completely on his , cted onto the seats are moving.

The sound is a quiet sound of a piano. It contrasts with the young boy who is sitting quietly on the bus. It reflects him being calm and peaceful watching the countryside outside. Being alone, the boy has a chance to think. We do not know what about, but he seems to be lost within the deep thoughts. He seems very distracted by the outside and seems very focused on whats outside.

The mis en scene is a typical Citi bus most probably on the way back from college. We can't see alot going on outside, the camera is mainly focused on the boy.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Micro elements help contribute to the genre of the film. There are four of them all together.

Cinamatography is the posh word for 'camera work'. It focuses on lighting and photography when recording still/moving images. This is probably the most important element because it is the basic element for a film. Without this you wouldn't have anything. It is critical that the camera work is appropriate.
Different shots have different names. these are Extra Long Shot (ELS) - a shot usually to show the viewer a overall view of a landscape, Close Up (CU) this is a shot usually shown for a facial description, Mid Shot (MS) , Long Shot (LS) and Establishing Shot (ES) and Point Of View.

Editing is used for linking each scene to the next.
Transition types - cut, fade, dissolve, wipe..
Edit Type - Continuity Editing, Montage Editing


There are two types of sound: Diagetic and Non Diagetic.
Diagetic is where the viewer and character can hear the sound. eg a gunshot.
Non Diagetic is where only the viewer can hear the sound. The character is oblivious to it. This could be sound such as music soundtracks, voice overs and amplified sound.

Mise-En-Scene is basically everything you can see in a scene. These could be scenery, lighting, props, make up, and character body language


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We've decided on our group after many disagreements on previous groups. Our group members are Jodie Bradford, Fern Clark, Laura Lambert and Charlotte Thompson.

Our task is to create an opening sequence for a thriller. The type of thriller is preferably more Pyschological rather than a gory thriller.

A Pyschological thriller is one of the sub genres from thriller. Psychological thrillers are more to do with one another's mind and the way people think. Mental rather than the physical state.

Examples of previous thrillers are..
- Panic Room
- Se7en
- The Shining
- Pyscho
- Vertigo
- Phonebooth
- Jaws

get covers for thessee ^^^^